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You’re a parent and you recognize the revolution of personal computing and the Internet, and the convenience of having such a wealth of information at your fingertips. But with this information technology comes the negative side too and you as a parent are concerned about your child’s safety when they are on the computer and accessing the Internet. If you feel powerless, don’t. The answer is the #1 rated, .

Computer monitoring software keeps you in the know when it comes to your child’s web activity. Computer monitoring software may be a new term for you but rest assured the concept is simple. Let’s start by discussing the term computer monitoring.

Computer monitoring is the act of monitoring a computer user’s computer use, or activity, with or without their knowledge.

A computer user’s activity on the computer includes what keystrokes they enter, what desktop applications they use, their e-mail and Instant Messaging/Chat activity and what Internet sites they visit. Parents need computer monitoring for their children’s protection but how is this done? Well, the answer is Monitoring Software. Monitoring software solves the need for computer monitoring.

Monitoring software can either run on the computer you want to monitor or over a home network. Monitoring Software allows you to trust and verify that your child is safe while using the computer.

Two types of monitoring software are Internet monitoring software, and specific parental control software. , project management tracking tools, enterprise collaboration platform But before we discuss the two types of monitoring software, the important concept of Keylogging should be covered.

Invisible Keystroke logging, or , is the monitoring and/or recording of a computer user’s keyboard entries Invisibly. Keylogging is an important part of computer monitoring. One important benefit of keylogging is that it allows you as the parent to know every e-mail and message typed by your child. Making your child aware that you are monitoring their activity and will know about all messages typed ensures that they will not send messages that they know their parents’ would not approve of.

For information and downloading Call Now: 888-789-2060 , now 40% off, and if you’re not fully 100% satisfied, WebWatcher will issue you a full refund.

* Invisible Internet monitoring, or web monitoring, software is specifically used to monitor a computer user’s Internet activities. The software stores this information so that it can be reviewed at a later date. Internet activities that are monitored by this type of software are web sites visited, online web posts, instant messaging, and web file transfers via web, FTP, or IM applications.

Internet monitoring usually keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing emails as well. Some web monitoring applications can also filter Internet content or web sites, block internet access, block online instant messaging applications, block person-to-person traffic, and block online stream traffic. There are several monitoring software applications on the market targeted specifically to a parent’s need to monitor their child’s computer activity. Parental control software is what is known as ‘content-control’ software tailored to the needs of parents to limit their children’s Internet access.

With this type of software a parent can control web site access by blocking web sites they don’t want their children to visit such as social networking sites, online game sites, and pornography sites. Other common features of parental control software is limiting online game play, monitoring instant messaging, and blocking file sharing. Parental Control software, cloud project management software, is designed to address the specific problems and concerns of you the parent about your child’s computer and Internet activity. Parental Control software is the solution to your concern about keeping your child safe and out of harms way while using the computer and web.

This software keeps you in the know about your child’s computer and web interaction and you are able to monitor all aspects of their activity essentially protecting them from the dangerous aspect of some parts of computing and the Internet. Invisible Computer Monitoring Software ~ How to keeping your child safe and out of harms way while they are using the computer and the web? Are you concerned about web content they are exposed to?


Today’s Internet is filled with loads of web pages and content that just isn’t suited for children and could even put them in harms way. To keep your child safe when online you need to employ Parental Control Software. This software keeps you in the know about your child’s computer and web interaction giving you the power to monitor all aspects of their activity essentially protecting them from the dangerous aspects of computing and the Internet. The parental control software you choose is important.

It must be full-featured, reliable, offer user support, priced right and guaranteed. For these reasons you should consider parental control software, this post explains why.

This top rated, award-winning computer monitoring software is used by parents everywhere to monitor their child’s computer activity. This monitoring software runs on the computer being monitored and is virtually undetectable.

The WebWatcher application sets itself apart from other computer monitoring programs because it allows you to monitor more than one computer at a time and, as Internet monitoring software, guarantees it has the best web block list in the world. Software parental control is a necessary defense when guarding your child against the dangers of the web. As , WebWatcher monitoring software gives you the power to: I strongly recommend this program, because it is arguably one of the best applications available. With WebWatcher you can monitor multiple computers AND remotely monitor and control all laptop activity no matter where your child uses their laptop.

This is the only Computer Monitoring software that lets you do that.

The tool is even used by law enforcement agencies for computer monitoring. Some businesses and government agencies use this tool as their web monitoring software to monitor thousands of PCs. Use WebWatcher as your Internet parental control software and rest easy knowing you have the best.

This application is extremely powerful and easy to install and use, you won’t even need a manual. Install WebWatcher onto all the computers you wish to monitor and/or control. It invisibly records everything that happens on the monitored computer. Then, all recorded activity is sent to your online WebWatcher account and now you can view all recorded data and administer your child’s computer access from anywhere you have Internet access.

The WebWatcher application is top rated, award winning computer monitoring software. Here are a couple comments from awards received and testimonials from actual customers: Reviews: “The best monitoring and filtering software available. Project management online app, nothing else even comes close. It allows you to monitor a computer from the web so that you don’t have to keep checking from the computer you’re monitoring.

” Monitoring Software Review Graphic: “As the only truly web-based computer activity / Internet monitor, WebWatcher is in a league of its own. With a complete suite of powerful features included, WebWatcher has the rare ability of both effective monitoring and web site blocking. ” Testimonials: “When I first bought WebWatcher, I thought for sure it would get detected by some anti-virus program and be a total waste of money, because that’s exactly what happened when I tried [WebWatcher competitor].

But I’ve been using WebWatcher for a few months now and it’s lived up to every promise and it’s totally hidden.

” Kimberly Orting, Ft. Wayne, IN “I’m monitoring six computers with WebWatcher (2 of which are laptops) and it’s freaky. As you promised on the phone, it really is like standing over their shoulder. Guys, seriously, I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks. ” Brian K., NY, NY When it comes to Invisible you can’t go wrong with WebWatcher and it’s priced at only $97, or 40% off the retail price ($169.

95) for a limited time. Look no further for your parental control software download, because WebWatcher is also downloadable over the Internet.

The software company provides 24/7 Customer Support via phone, Call Now: 888-789-2060 , chat or email and your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. If you’re not fully 100% satisfied, WebWatcher will issue you a full refund. * * No hassle policy. You have five days from the time of purchase to request a refund.

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