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Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a group of musicians. They would work hard, traveling and playing, and then on day say to themselves, “Hey, we sound great! People come to our shows, love our music, do you think we could get signed to a major label? ” Of course they all agreed that they were talented and dedicated enough, but how would they get the attention of a corporate label? They didn’t know anyone in the industry, and the gigs they played were not attracting any industry big wigs. So they decided to make a short, five track demo to submit to various labels. They searched around and called up a local studio, eager to see how much it would cost to make a simple five song demo. When they got a hold of the studio producer and heard the fee’s their jaws dropped.

“How much for studio time? What do you mean by mixing and mastering? It will cost HOW much to get this pressed! ? ” They never could have anticipated a measley demo costing so much. The group then decided they would be best served doing what they currently did, and maybe they’d get lucky enough to have a big wig stop by a show of theirs. But for the time being, there was no way they could afford professional studio time like that, and still support the band and themselves. Project collaboration tools, so the group went forward, successful as ever.

Never regretting their decision, but always wondering where else they could have gone if they could only make a demo. Well that was the reality for a great number of talented artists not too long ago. Even today many musicians face a similar struggle: the cost of studio time. Frankly, it’s not the studio’s fault. , team collaboration cloud To own and equip even an average recording facility is a major financial investment. Quality equipment is not cheap and neither are qualified individuals to run it. Not to mention your overhead costs, and no one goes into business looking to make a loss. The simple solution to this all tough is owning the ability to record and edit quality sound.

If you have a  computer, that’s 80% of the battle! Technology has made huge advancements when it comes to audio production software, recording equipment, and simulation technology. And to be honest, most major studio’s are using the same production platforms that you can buy in the stores! If you’re a driven artist desiring to have your sound be heard, it’s never been easier to do so. The story above, while fictitious is a real example of what happens to talented individuals, but that doesn’t have to be the case for us as musicians. The solution is simple, and it all starts with a computer and a piece of programming!

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