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A Division of Managed Care of America, Inc. An Employee Owned Company anaged Care Software is a computer software provider specializing in the Managed Care industry. Since 1987, the firm has installed systems throughout the United States that together manage millions of covered lives. MCS provides both standard and custom designed products for the PC/LAN environment. The Administrator™ Is A Modular System Comprised Of The Following: Provides benchmarking and outcomes using competitive measures Developed by Managed Care Administrators for managed care administrators.

Our system will match your needs, both in design and in operation. Makes users efficient because they have minimal need to utilize symbols or codes, or to refer to reference manuals. , how to manage tasks at work The system comes with on-line help capability allowing your staff to work more efficiently, saving production dollars and improving performance.

By putting data into the hands of the user, it becomes information; information that can be utilized by PPOs to control their providers, to renegotiate payer contracts, and to improve performance.

Project task software, puts the system to work quickly, with minimal disruption to daily activity. This means rapid usability, dashboard projects, and little organization down time. Those who support you know not just computers, but the business of Managed Care, so you can get help or develop custom features with people who know your business. DISPLACES THE NEED FOR ADDITIONAL STAFF Administration and staff can accomplish complex operational, monitoring, and management tasks with speed.

This lowers manpower needs and frees those funds for other necessary areas. Utilizes the newest technology PC and Local Area Network (LAN) technology to produce a highly flexible solution at low cost while maintaining linkage capability with mainframe and mini computer systems.

, task management with time tracking Company collaboration software, this client-server system integrates with database programs such as MSAccess, Foxpro and numerous adhoc reporting engines. There is no reason for wait or worry.

exists today, and can be operable in 30 days. Should your organization require customization, you will be provided with an installation schedule to meet your specific needs.

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